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Skin Care Routine
The best thing you can do for your skin is to treat is right. Get enough rest, eat healthy, excersise regularly, and drink plenty of water. Next take care of your skin by using good skin care products. Consistant use of quality skin care products can prevent, correct and even cure.
Cleanser: Get face a little wet, apply the cleanser, rub around gently, wash off with washcloth/water
Chose a cleanser that best suits your skin type. If after you use your cleanser your face feels tight or raw it has to strong of a detergent in it. On the other hand if your face feels slick and unclean then you need something thats stronger. When people look at you they usually see from the neckline up so make sure you include your neck in your skin care routine.
Scrubs: Get face a little wet, apply the scrub, rub around gently, wash off with washcloth/water
Use scrubs instead or after your cleanser but before toner Scrubs are good cleansers that exfoliate your skin. Exfoliate means it takes off the dead skin cells. Scrubs should be used regularly in place of your cleanser but is not needed daily. After using your scrub your face should feel like velvet. If it is red and irritated your scrub is to harsh. Use a milder version. After your cleanser follow-up with a toner.
Masques: Apply masque, let sit, wash off with washcloth/water
Masques are usually used after you have cleansed your skin and before you have toned. They are used to target specific needs. For example a firming masque for older women or a super hydrating formula for dry skin.
Toner: Apply product with a cotton pad, gently wipe on face and neck
After cleansing your face and neck you should always use a toner. Toners bring PH balance to your skin. It will give your face a fresh tight appearance. Please do not skip this step. Most water used to wash your face will be to high of a ph level or to low. PH balance can often be the culprit in skin care problems.
Moisturizer: Apply to face and neck
Moisturizers vary from light to heavy creams. You skin does not know if it is day or night so wether you chose a night cream or day lotion isn't as important as deciding how heavy of a moisturizer you need and if you are going to apply it twice a day or once a day. Even if you have oily skin you will still want to hydrate. If this is the case use the Oil-Free Hydrating Fluid.
Special Treatments: Apply to areas desired, may wash off or leave on- check label
Most treatments go on after the toner and before the moisturizer, but please read the directions first. They help target specific needs and can really make a difference because they are formulated as specialized products. For special treatments that do not make it clear when and how long, this is a basic guide line: If its a harsh product that might irritate your skin, wash it off, depending on the strength of the product, technically the longer you leave it on the longer it works. That may or may not be a good thing. So with that in mind decide if you want to wear it all night. If its a moisturizer or serum then the longer the better! Be flexible depending on the product.
For radiant, young looking skin you must wear sunscreen. The sun has one of the biggest impacts on how youthful in appearance our skin will stay over time. There is a huge difference between regular sunscreens and sunscreen that is made specifically for your skin. In my opinion you can never have enough protection. You will absolutely love our formula.